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Reputable Company

Recognized as the industry’s Best Dating Affiliate Program

Since 2003, our business, products and technologies have endured where others have long since faded. The high standards we strive for continue to be recognized with continuous annual industry awards.

High Payouts

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Lets face it; it’s all about the payouts. High rates can’t be achieved without offering targeted, diverse products that get the maximum value from your traffic. Check out our vast portfolio of brands and niche’s we serve to achieve the best ROI.

Personal Support

We are always there for you.

The critical key to our success is being responsive to requests from our affiliates, business partners and customers. We operate in a global marketplace so there is no end to a business day.


The core of our product lines focus around dating technologies. Whether your display, email or mobile campaigns, we offer an extensive library of brands to get the best ROI on your traffic. Did we mention reputable company, quick payments and top-notch support?

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Do you have an Apple or Android smartphone? Who doesn't, right? With the rapid growth of mobile devices, web-only dating products will not survive. Dating Affiliate continues to keep pace by offering mobile dating products for our affiliates. Need to monetize your mobile traffic? Contact your affiliate manager for the industry's best payouts.