Programs Available


(Pay Per Single Opt In)

Earn commissions for all male sign-ups to our brands. This is the easiest option to earn substantial returns however it is the most scrutinized for quality. Rates are determined by how your traffic confirms and converts. Simply put, the higher the ratio, the higher payout.


(Pay Per Lead, PPL, Pay Per Free, PPF)

High commissions are paid out for all new sign-ups that confirm their account through email or SMS (as available).


(Pay Per Sale, PPS)

In this option, substantial commissions are earned for sign-ups that convert to a paid membership. If you have a strong list or ad placement, Per Sale will provide the best return in the shortest amount of time.


(Recurring program)

By selecting RevShare, you will receive commissions for the life of the paid subscriber. This option offers the highest ROI for your traffic over time.

*These programs are restricted to male users from the US, Canada, and Australia.